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Peggy Peattie Photography



This is the place to see some of my video work.


Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a crime that affects families, ripping them apart and ruining the lives of young girls. In Tenancingo, a township outside Mexico City, it is a business. Thanks to a grant from the International Center for Journalists, reporter Elizabeth Aguilera and I did some tough reporting. Tough emotionally and physically threatening. But the resilience in the rescued girls we met was amazing. For more on what the experience was like, see my blogpost:


Sisters of Perpetual indulgence

Promulgating universal joy and expiating stygmatic guilt. That's the mission of a 21st century order of "queer nuns" as they call themselves. A group of open-minded men and women dedicated to ministering to people who aren't always welcome in a traditional church.


Hospice for the homeless

Julius Ward was panhandling in the Gaslamp District of San Diego when a bar-hopping young man kicked him in the eye. At the hospital he learned he not only had a few broken bones, he had cancer, and a few months to live. This is Julius' story.

Down in Dixie is a black-and-white film documentary project that chronicles the legacy of deep seated sentiment surrounding the confederate flag, going back generations, in South Carolina, where, until escalated protests forced the removal of that flag from the state house dome in 2000. Using audio recorded at the time I shot these photos, I've updated the production, republishing it this way, since today's cultural climate seems to take another look at history.